How to make a radial cellular mirror.    " Radicell "        Lightweight cellular telescope mirrors

                                                                14 inch F/5  pyrex all fused cellular - made in 1983.

 This mirror  and how it was made (in a home built electric kiln) was outlined in the July 1984 issue of S&T in the  Gleanings section.The three black wooden inserts are interior support points that only go 3/4 way up the side of the ribs.Cellular mirrors work best when supported with/by internal mounting points that are close to the centre of gravity of the blanks mass.This mirror has a 5/8 inch thick faceplate and a 1/2 inch bottom plate with 3/8 inch thick ribs.It was made -fused- on a flat surface. It was a prototype for later larger 24 inch blanks,so it was very overbuilt.No mirror cell layout has been used in the scope,just some bubble wrap underneath the mirror.


  The zip file below has the 1984 S&T article in jpeg format. 

Rokoszarticle003001 Rokoszarticle003001
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